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The Kindle is an electronic device for downloading, storing and reading electronic books, known as e-books. It was developed by a company called Lab 126, which is a subsidiary of Amazon. The Kindle has instant wireless access to Amazon's sites in the United Kingdom, the United States, France and Germany, and a phenomenal (and growing) number of e-books, many of which are a fraction of the price of their hardcover and paperback equivalents. Below is a list of Ben's books that are now available in this format. More recently we've started to add audio book editions to the list. Check below to see what's available for download right now!

Aces Wilde by Ben Bridges Aces Wilde Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Professor Andrew Murray and his fellow scientists were not to go up into the Texas hill country to carry out weather tests unless they had someone trail-wise along to watch them. So the Government sent in its unofficial six-man team of trouble-busters, the Wilde Boys, to play nursemaid. For once it looked as if the west's most reluctant lawmen had been handed a nice, quiet little assignment. But then the bullets started flying ... and in next to no time they were fighting off bushwhackers and nightriders alike. But what was the motive behind the attacks? The scientists maintained that their work was for the common good, so who could possibly stand to benefit from their failure? If only the Wilde Boys had looked a little closer to home, they'd have realized just who the target really was!

All Guns Blazing by Doug Thorne All Guns Blazing Audio Edition by Ben Bridges and Alfred Wallon

Cal Hennessy was on his way to meet up with old friend Billy Dixon at Adobe Walls. The plan was to catch up on each other's news over a beer or three. But before he got there he ran into two dead men and a bunch of blood-hungry Comanches.Trouble was brewing on the staked plains of Texas and Hennessy, who was no stranger to it, quickly found himself right in the middle of a full scale Indian war.But gun-swift though he was, would even he survive the killing to come?

Another Dame, Another Dollar by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead Another Dame, Another Dollar Audio Edition by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

Jack Monroe was a man with a dream. He wanted to start a foundation that would encourage architects from poorer families. But to do it, he needed fifty million dollars. So he hooked up with the wealthy Thornhill family. But the Thornhills had more than their share of dirty little secrets, and Jack soon found himself a pawn in a deadly game of murder and deceit. If he wasn't careful, he could wind up becoming the architect of his own downfall ... (Originally published as Killer Smile)

Apacheria by Ben Bridges Apacheria Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

After graduating from West Point Military Academy, Mississippi-born Sam Lockwood was posted to far-away Arizona Territory, where he soon grew to love the hostile desert known as Apacheria. But the Civil War dragged him back to Mississippi, where he experienced all the horrors of a savage conflict, including the hell-on-earth that was the Union prison-camp known as the Rat Hole. It was only through a strange twist of Fate that he was able to return to his beloved Apacheria. And there, beneath a buzzard-filled sky, he would also settle a long-standing debt ...

Autumn Leaves by Janet Whitehead Autumn Leaves Audio Edition by Janet Whitehead

In the classic tradition of Goodnight, Mr Tom comes a heartwarming slice-of-life story of discovery. It's September 1939, and suddenly everyone faces an uncertain future, especially the children who are evacuated from the East End of London to faraway Norfolk. Billy and Jeannie Curtis, two waifs who have had to raise themselves, are billeted in the sleepy village of Little Asham, but the evacuation is destined to have a profound effect upon both them and the troubled adults whose lives they change.

Back With A Vengeance by Ben Bridges Back With A Vengeance Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Arch Bowman raped and murdered his way across the West to become the stuff of legend. But when he survived a near-fatal shooting in Colfax, Colorado, he decided to make the most of his new lease of life and finally settle a long-standing piece of unfinished business ... But that didn't mean Bowman was about to go soft. Before he was through, innocent men would die in legendary numbers, and Bowman would make sure that life was hell for a mild-mannered farmer named Walt Canaday. As it turned out, that proved to be his worst mistake ... because if Bowman was back from the dead, then Canaday was back with a vengeance.

Barbed Wire Noose by Ben Bridges Barbed Wire Noose Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Tim Dennison died a slow, agonizing death, but because he was a sheep man in a valley that was controlled by two powerful cattle-barons, no one cared if his killers got away with murder. But the veteran town-tamer, Sam Judge, and his gun-swift young partner, Matt Dury, did care. And when they tangled with a bunch of masked gunmen in a shooting spree that left another two men dead, it became kind of personal. However, Dennison's death was just the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface, the Tabosa Valley Sheep War was a power-keg just waiting to blow.

Blackout! by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead Blackout! Audio Edition by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

When Diana Callan was beaten to death, all the evidence suggested that her husband was the killer. After returning from Afghanistan, former Green Beret Christopher Callan had developed violent blackouts during which he could remember nothing. But another suspect was in the frame, and if Chris could just get enough evidence to prove his own innocence, the real murderer could be punished. Trouble was, that was going to be easier said than done ... especially when Chris found himself involved with the girlfriend of a psychotic hoodlum.

Apacheria by Ben Bridges Blaze of Glory Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Ben Crawford was one of the best lawmen in the business, and when a man named Kane offered him a hundred bucks a month to keep the peace in the fresh, raw town he'd just founded, it sounded exactly like the challenge he'd been looking for. So he took the job ... and spent the next twelve years just waiting for something to happen. It never did. In fact, life in Kane's Crossing, New Mexico, grew so damn' quiet that the townsfolk eventually decided they didn't really need a lawman at all. But fate had other ideas, because all hell was destined to break loose on Ben's last day in office. The only question now was, would an older, slower Ben survive it all ... or go out in a blaze of glory?

Blood Canyon by Ben Bridges Blood Canyon Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Jim Allison was delivering cattle to the Apaches up at San Carlos when a chance meeting with a man named Keyhoe drew him into a violent chain of events from which there could only be one winner. Of course, having spent ten years as a lawman in the Indian Nations, Jim was no stranger to gunfights and ambushes. But he was that much older now, and a man alone. The life of his closest friend was in the balance, and every hand was turned against him. Under a blazing desert sun he headed for the legendary Canyon de Chelly to confront a band of renegades in their lonely hideout ... and knowing he'd need every ounce of luck to get out again!

Cannon for Hire by Ben Bridges and Alfred Wallon Cannon for Hire by Ben Bridges and Alfred Wallon

It's the autumn of 1897, and men are flocking to the wild and woolly Yukon Territory in search of gold. But soldier-for-hire Tom Cannon had a different reason for making the hazardous trek north. The one-time cavalry officer has been hired to find Emmet Lawrence, a greenhorn who had gone to seek his fortune and then disappeared. Time and again, as Cannon searched the icy wastes and snow-capped mountains, he drew a blank. No-one remembered Lawrence or knew where to find him. Then something happened that Cannon hadn't allowed for. Emmet Lawrence came looking for him ...

Coffin Creek by Ben Bridges Coffin Creek Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

It was the kind of sleepy little Texas town where nothing ever happened. Then eight masked men robbed the train from Sterling City and left a handful of bodies behind them, and pretty soon the marshal was up to his badge in problems. First of all there was the murder of one of Coffin Creek's most respected citizens to solve. Then there was the sudden, unwelcome appearance of a federal lawman who figured Marshal Baker was too old for his job. And to top it all there was a feud of sorts building between Lane, an enigmatic one-time gunfighter from Sacramento, and the men from the nearby Flying O ranch. When all hell broke loose and the air grew thick with blood and gunsmoke, the sleepy little town of Coffin Creek had to wake up -- real fast.

Cold Steel by Ben Bridges Cold Steel Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

The choice was simple. Professional fighting man Carter O'Brien could stick around Scot's Post, California, and risk taking a bullet in the back from a bully-boy with a score to settle ... or he could ride up into the treacherous, winter-locked mountains on an impossible mission of mercy. They both came down to the same thing -- almost certain death. But because O'Brien had never been one to pass up a challenge, he chose the mountains. The dangers were plenty -- ambushers, marauding Indians, the worst kind of weather imaginable and a silent, deadly killer. If he were to survive all that, O'Brien learned pretty quick that the job he'd signed on for would require all the cold steel he had in him.

Cougar Valley by Ben Bridges Cougar Valley Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Two cold-blooded killers and one stormy night of murder ... together they resulted in a posse of three ill-matched man-hunters. But each of them had his own reasons for riding into Redbird Valley after the killers. For Marshal Cord it wasn't only duty, it was personal. Charlie Pearson had something to prove -- and not only to himself. As for Jack Sumlock ... well, he tagged along because one of the killers was his own grandson. Up in the isolated high country, all three had to face their own demons. To make matters worse, while Cord and the others fought among themselves, something unusual started to happen. Someone was hunting the hunters ...

Day of the Gun by Ben Bridges Day of the Gun Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

It might have been 1895, but the country around Singletree, Montana, was still as wild as ever ... The county had a problem with rustlers, and Cyrus McCall, who ran Big Sky, strung barbed wire between his land and that of his neighbor, Maggie Carter, to stop them. From then on, Maggie had to herd her cows an extra two miles before they could reach water, and that took time and manpower she couldn't spare. Worse, it seemed to suggest that Maggie was in league with the rustlers, because they always pushed stolen stock across her land. Maggie promised hell if the fences weren't taken down. And hell is just what she and McCall got ... though in the end it had nothing to do with rustling, but everything to do with a past that wouldn't stay buried ...

Dead End by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead Dead End Audio Edition by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

On the surface, the town of Dead End, Arizona, was just another whistle-stop on the way to nowhere. But there was more going on in Dead End than met the eye. For the very future of humanity depended upon the actions of a few brave souls ... and a rag-tag army of supernatural creatures who had no souls at all! If they lost the war, Earth would be left open to invasion from another planet. If they won, their fragile alliance would end and the age-old battle between the living and the undead would continue as before. Either way, the streets of Dead End were going to run with blood -- a lot of it. (Previous published as Vampires vs Aliens and Vampire Wars)

Dead Ringers by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead Dead Ringers Audio Edition by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

A vicious serial killer is haunting the bayous of Louisiana, and the only person who can catch him is F.B.I. Agent Kate Palmer. But after years spent thinking like serial killers in order to catch them, Kate is finally facing burnout. To make matters worse, she's just about to rekindle a relationship with the only man she ever loved when the Bayou Butcher strikes again, this time terrifyingly close to home. For Kate, that makes it personal. And it might also be just the thing it takes to break her completely.

(Previously published as Under the Knife).

The Deadly Dollars by Ben Bridges

A mad-dog killer running loose up in the Rockies ... a bank robbery that ended in death ... a fortune in stolen greenbacks ... and three hanged men swaying gently in the breeze ... They were all elements in a bizarre mystery the like of which professional adventurer Carter O'Brien had never encountered before. Up until a hidden sniper damn'-near killed him, all he'd wanted was to ride on to his next job in nearby Jackson's Peak, but it looked like somebody else had other ideas. Suddenly he was up to his neck in something deadly. Why had people started dying all around him? Who was the bushwhacker and his sinister Oriental sidekick? And why had they picked on him? Almost before he knew it, O'Brien found himself riding a dangerous trail of deadly dollars in order to find the answers. Too bad he didn't know he was being watched every step of the way ...

Demonic by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead Demonic Audio Edition by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

In the wake of the worst storm anyone could remember, strange things started happening in Frankport, Michigan. A teenage boy disappeared. Another was murdered in full view of his friends. And if the evidence was to be believed, Reed Devlin, a retired, decorated Marine-turned-drunk, spent the night with a ghost -- a woman who had been reported dead earlier that same evening. In the days that followed, young Skylar Lewis discovered an incredible secret on her new laptop computer. And Reed's old Army buddy was killed by two weird, half-seen things. Something evil had come to Frankport. But for what purpose? And how was a dying town supposed to protect itself against a demon that was more than ten thousand years old?

(Previously published as Night Creatures and Night of the Demons)

Draw Down the Lightning by Ben Bridges Draw Down the Lightning Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Carter O'Brien was greased lightning with a gun and the best freelance fighting man in the business. That's why the greenhorn wanted to hire him. The only trouble was, he'd been sworn to secrecy about his own mysterious mission. Someone else had already heard all about it though, because two attempts had already been made on the greenhorn's life. So, O'Brien decided to tag along for a while, just to see how things panned out. He had no way of knowing that he would soon face his toughest challenge ... and get the most unexpected surprise of his life.

The Doomsday Conspiracy by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead The Doomsday Conspiracy Audio Edition by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

The president himself gave Special Agent Gus Novacek his orders. He had to stop Koji Shaguma's sinister Armageddon cult before it destroyed the world. But that was easier said than done. Armageddon struck first in Tokyo, then Paris, then London and finally New York, and Gus always seemed to be one step behind the murderous fanatics. Then fate stepped in and set the stage for the final bloody confrontation aboard a hijacked plane bound for Algiers. A plane that was rapidly losing fuel. A plane that was going to crash in the Atlantic and kill everyone on board, unless Gus could find a way to avert total disaster.

Earth-Shattering by Doug Thorne

It's 1955 -- the height of the Cold War. John Cutler and Jane Dixon, scientists working for the Atomic Energy Agency, are unwilling participants as America embarks upon a new and controversial series of atomic tests. But alien eyes are also watching, and they don't like what they see, either. Furthermore, they're prepared to do something about. And what they do is truly ... EARTH-SHATTERING.

Far Eastern Promise by Janet Whitehead

Lauren Adams knew that her life would change dramatically when she went to work for a British newspaper in Hong Kong. Within hours of her arrival, the city's Far Eastern promise began working its magic on her. But could Lauren really have fallen in love with her editor, David Kent, or was it just the romantic atmosphere of the island toying with her emotions? Before she learned the truth, she would be wined and dined by the Far East's biggest movie star and make an epic journey across mainland China -- and then effect a touching reunion with the man she truly loved.

Feral by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead Feral Audio Edition by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

There's something not quite right about Shelby's Oasis, the run-down tourist trap in the middle of the Arizona desert. For a start, the Shelby sisters, Agnes and Diana, seem to have more skeletons than closets in which to hide them. And with rumors of a fortune in gold buried somewhere on the property, who can really be trusted -- the sisters' scheming brother Scott? The seductive Kelly-Anne? Or Mitch, the manipulative loner who accidentally stumbles into their twisted lives? Only one thing's for sure: nothing at Shelby's Oasis is quite as it seems.

(Previously published as House of the Dead).

Five Shots Left by Ben Bridges Five Shots Left Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

When you've only got five shots left, you have to make each one count. Like the outlaw whose quest for revenge didn't quite go according to plan. Or the cowboy who ended up using a most unusual weapon to defeat his Cheyenne enemy. Then there was the storekeeper who has to face his worst fear; the down-at-heel sheepherder who had to set past hatreds aside when a bunch of renegade Comanches went on the warpath; and the elderly couple who struggled to keep a secret that threatened to tear them apart.

Flame and Thunder by Ben Bridges Flame and Thunder Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

It stood to be the biggest oil well in the territory ... provided wildcatter Bud Bishop could bring it in before his lease ran out. But the Irishman wanted to make sure he didn't. Then he figured to move in, take ownership and keep all the spoils of Bishop's hard labor for himself. So Bishop's backers hired freelance fighting man Carter O'Brien to keep Hugh Quillan's bullyboys off his back long enough to get the job done. But the closer it came to the deadline, the harder Quillan started to play. Finally, with the odds stacked against him and the threat of a full-scale war about to bust wide open, O'Brien -- himself still healing from a previous assignment -- did the only thing he could. He made sure his guns were loaded, and then set about fighting back.

The Fluttering by David Whitehead The Fluttering Audio Edition by David Whitehead

Something terrifying has started happening in Eggerton. People are turning up drained of blood and very, very dead. Have vampire bats started attacking humans? If so, then who's delivering the hammer-blow that finally kills the victims? For Detective Inspector Jack Sears it's a mystery that not even virologist Doctor Christopher Deacon can help fathom. But then the police get lucky. Against all the odds, one of the victims survives. But strangely enough, that's when things go from bad to worse ...

Gunsmoke is Grey by Ben Bridges Gunsmoke is Grey Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

O'Brien was hunting bounty up in Utah when the deal blew up in his face. Now he was hurting bad and the doctor told him that he'd have to rest up for at least a couple of months before he could even think about strapping his Colt back on. Still, a feller's got to earn a living, and he was grateful when the doctor gave him a job which promised to be nice and quiet. Hardly any more than an easy little trip across the territory. But what O'Brien and his new partner found at trail's-end was a town in fear, and a copper-hungry hardcase who would stop at nothing to get at the vast wealth that lay nearby. O'Brien was in no shape to take on bully-boys. But then he'd never been one for following doctor's orders. So when it came to curing the problem in Rock View, his prescription was simple. Lead, lead ... and more lead.

Gunsmoke Legend by Ben Bridges Gunsmoke Legend Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Jack Page was a living legend -- a Union Army sharpshooter, scout, Indian fighter and US Marshal. Ash Colter, by contrast, was a mild-mannered orphan. They were complete opposites. And yet theirs was a partnership forged in blood and destined to go down in history. These were the men who survived the famous Snake River Shootout, the men who led Colonel George Armstrong Custer to one of his most controversial victories against the Cheyenne, the men who tamed the hell-towns of Kansas and Dakota Territory. They were as close as brothers. It was said that one of them could not exist without the other. And yet they were on opposite sides of the fence when the time came for the final bloody showdown. This time the Gunsmoke Legends were at war with each other.

Hang 'em All by Ben Bridges Hang 'em All Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

They rode into Austin Springs stirrup to stirrup, six men with guns in their belts and blood in their eyes. The minute Town Marshal Sam Judge clapped eyes on them he pegged them as trouble. He was right, too, because by sunset Death had called and the blood on innocents had been spilled in the town's quiet and dusty streets. Almost before he knew it, Sam -- once a celebrated town-tamer whom Ned Buntline himself had called 'The Pistol Prince' -- found himself embarking on a vengeance hunt. A boy Sam hadn't seen for fifteen years was connected with the killers, so that made it personal. But first and foremost, Sam was a peace-keeper. Convinced that the law would hang 'em all, he wanted the outlaws to have their day in court. The only thing he never reckoned on was the fact that they might very well kill him before he could find and catch them.

Hangman's Noose by Ben Bridges

Freelance fighting man Carter O'Brien had five thousand reasons to go after the notorious Timberlake brothers. Each was a dollar bill. But there was more to it that just the reward money. Isaac Parker, the 'Hanging Judge' himself, had asked O'Brien to track down the murderous outlaws. If he didn't get them before they got the judge, Parker would wind up handing from his own gallows. So O'Brien rode west into Indian Territory, a vast and lawless land that was home to more than one owlhoot gang, and before long he was swapping lead with a man who wanted him dead, and whiskey with a lady desperado called Belle Starr. Waiting for him at the end of the twisted Timberlake trail was a final bloody showdown that could only end in death ... and an unexpected surprise that could very well prove fatal.

Hang Shadow Horse! by Ben Bridges and Steve Hayes Hang Shadow Horse! Audio Edition by Steve Hayes and Ben Bridges

The Portuguese slavers called him Sam because they couldn't pronounce his real name. They tore him away from his homeland and put him to work picking cotton in the Tennessee Valley. But the big, fleet-footed Zulu was nobody's slave, and to prove it he escaped and headed west. Throwing in with a medicine show conman named Doc Jonah, Sam started entering county footraces to earn enough money to go back to Africa. But then his trail crossed that of Major Lawrence Devlin, and nothing was going to stop the ruthless rancher's man from winning the Fort Stockton Carnival Week race. From that moment forward Sam was cheated, beaten, shot and hunted like an animal. Worse, they took his beautiful grullo mare, U-Shee-nah, away from him. But that was Devlin's biggest mistake, because it only made Sam more determined to get his revenge ... and as Shadow Horse he became Devlin's worst nightmare.

Hard as Nails by Ben Bridges

Rancher Clint McNally was looking for someone to deliver $20,000 to the men who'd kidnapped his young son. Whoever took the job had to be as hard as nails, so professional fighting man Carter O'Brien was the natural choice. Still, McNally knew better than to trust that kind of money to one man, so he gave O'Brien a partner -- a one-eyed, cigar-chewing soldier of fortune called Logan Tyree. There was just one problem; Tyree hated O'Brien's guts because of something that had happened nine years earlier ... Right from the start O'Brien had his doubts about the job, but this time even he couldn't guess what lay ahead for them. There were men willing to risk everything for a share of that money, and with the promise of more where that came from, he and Tyree were soon following a trail of cross and double-cross all the way to the hellish swamps of the Big Thicket ...

Hell for Leather by Ben Bridges

It sounded impossible, Ben Leyland's plan to run fifteen hundred horses up across the Staked Plains into New Mexico. The desert was a Godforsaken wasteland, furnace-hot at that time of year, dry as a bone and infested with bloodthirsty Comanches. But that was exactly the way Carter O'Brien had made his reputation -- by doing the things that other men could only dream about. Still, he was going to have to deal with stampedes, sandstorms and double-crosses before he reached trail's-end ... and still pull a few surprises if he was to make sure he survived long enough to collect his pay.

Hell on Earth by David Whitehead Hell on Earth Audio Edition by David Whitehead

Older almost than time itself, the demonic Council of Thirteen had only one goal -- to bring the full terror of Hell to Earth. There was only one thing stopping them -- Archer, the young man who had been raised from birth to fight the Council and its minions every step of the way. Now, after years of training, Archer is finally sent out into the world with orders to hunt down and slay a demon that's terrorizing Paris. But along the way he also learns a secret his masters have always kept from him -- a secret that will put his eternal crusade in a chilling new light.

Heller by Ben Bridges Heller Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

A damsel in distress, Wyatt Earp called her. And he was right, too. Because as soon as soon as Luke Heller got involved with the beautiful Irene Lawrence, he found himself up to his neck in murder, intrigue and a mysterious deal so big that it could only end -- explosively -- seven hundred miles away, on the notorious Barbary Coast. En route, Heller found himself battling thick-armed bullies and bloodthirsty Chinese hatchet-men determined to give him a double profile. But for Heller -- once a Confederate sharpshooter, big-city cop and Pinkerton detective -- it was all in a day's work. Besides, as his enemies always found out, he wasn't only a Heller by name -- he was also a heller by nature.

Heller in the Rockies by Ben Bridges Heller in the Rockies Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Luke Heller was looking forward to spending some time with his beautiful Oriental partner high in the Colorado Rockies. His job -- to handle security at a luxury mountain hotel -- should have been a nice, peaceful little assignment. After all, what could possibly happen in a resort full of wealthy Easterners? But Luke didn't know the half of it. Death was stalking the timbered slopes, and it came first in the shape of a grisly murder, then as a violent robbery. Almost before he knew it, the man from Tombstone was on the trail again, and calling upon all his experience as a one-time Pinkerton detective and Confederate sharpshooter in order to catch the killers in a brutal, explosive finale.

Hit 'em Hard! by Ben Bridges Hit 'em Hard Edition by Ben Bridges

Arizona Territory, 1882. The Apaches were riding rings around the army, raiding, robbing and killing pretty much wherever they liked. To beat them, Captain Nathan Kelso knew he had to fight them on their own terms, hitting fast and hitting hard. But who was going to listen to a washed-up, borderline drunk? As it turned out, he received support from a surprising quarter, and was ordered to form Company C, a light, mobile unit dedicated to bracing the Apaches wherever they found them. To prove themselves, the men of Company C were given a mission that took them deep into the very heart of Indian country. After that? Hell, after that, things just got even tougher for Kelso and Company C ...

Hold Me Forever by Janet Whitehead Hold Me Forever Audio Edition by Janet Whitehead

To her fellow vacationers at the Meadow Spring dude ranch, Kate Weaver was just another tourist. Or was she? Ranch foreman Gil Singleton suspected otherwise. But even he had no way of guessing the truth about Kate, just as she had no way of knowing that she would fall hopelessly in love with Gil even as the two of them fought for survival in Colorado's untamed high country!

Home is the Hero by Janet Whitehead

Mrs. Catt sells anything and everything, but more than that she sells hope ... Ken Weaver had just about hit rock bottom when he came across Mrs. Catt's Curiosities. And before he knew it, he was leaving the store with a very special purchase ... a purchase he hoped would set things back to rights for him and his fractured family. It was a Silver Star medal. Ken's widowed daughter Sarah had taken the death of her husband hard, and it had turned his grandson, Ryan, into a rebel. But in some strange way it seemed that Mrs. Catt already knew that -- and had known it even before their paths crossed. Could a medal really heal a family that was torn apart? Or was it the sudden appearance of a man they'd never seen before and never knew existed? A man battling his own hardships? A man called Jack Donovan ... who might prove to be exactly what Sarah and Ryan needed?

Judgment Day by Ben Bridges Judgment Day Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Tension was rising fast in the hell-for-leather town of Little Cody, Wyoming. A young girl had been murdered and the killer was locked up in the local jail, awaiting trial. But the rough-and-ready miners weren't prepared to let justice take its course. The only law they craved was lynch law. And to make things worse, the killer's family was trying every dirty trick they could think of to make sure the case never reached the courts. As winter locked its icy grip on the isolated mountain town, Fate involved the legendary town-tamer Sam Judge and his gun-swift young partner Matt Dury in the affair. And as snow piled up outside and temperatures grew hotter than Hell within, the men from Texas soon found themselves dodging bullets and fists to make sure that the killer had his day in court ... his Judgment Day.

Law of the Gun by Ben Bridges Law of the Gun Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

It started with a slaughter and ended with a massacre, and by the finish of it Sam Judge and Matt Dury had seen enough bloodshed to last them a lifetime. But the gun-fast men from Texas had signed on to help an army officer get his little girl back from the Apache renegades who'd kidnapped her, and once they gave their word, nothing would stop them from seeing a job through. Still, the odds against the success of their mission were almost as high as the odds against their survival. But Sam and Matt had one distinct advantage over their enemies. Because when it came down to cases, they could fight just as mean and just as dirty -- as those enemies soon found out.

Light of My Life by Janet Whitehead Light of My Life Audio Edition by Janet Whitehead

Cornwall in the 1840s. Meg Deveral and her widowed father had been the victims of a great injustice, but they were powerless to right the wrong that had been committed against them. Then Jack Masterman came to live in the small fishing village of Penderow. Although Jack was haunted by his own troubled past, he vowed to get justice for the Deverals. But evil forces were at work in the little Cornish fishing village, and the guilty parties would stop at nothing to protect themselves. Murder, abduction and a desperate race against time all stood in the way before Meg and Jack could finally admit what they'd known all along -- that each had found in the other the one true light of their life.

Lockwood's Law by Ben Bridges Lockwood's Law Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

The choice was simple. Sam Lockwood and his fellow Confederate prisoners of war could spend the rest of their days in a Union prison camp, or they could go west to bring law and order back to the wilds of Arizona as 'Galvanized Yankees'. They chose to ride west, and sure enough, what they found when they got there was a land turned lawless. Apaches were on the warpath and a gang of marauding Mexican bandidos was cutting up rough. Someone was rustling cattle from the biggest landowner in the territory, and murder was being committed right under their noses. Faced with such a situation, there was only one thing Sam could do. So he strapped on his Navy Colt and set about enforcing the only law that really mattered -- Lockwood's Law.

Marked for Death by Ben Bridges Marked for Death Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

A case of mistaken identity marked O'Brien out for death the minute he rode into Nebraska. A feud had erupted between the local farmers and a scheming loan agent who figured to sell them out. Both sides pegged O'Brien as a vicious gunman named Wes Dexter, who had been hired to settle the matter with violence. That made him a hero to some ... and a target for others. However, there was more to it than just that. What was the secret of the Morrison farm, for example? What would happen when the real Wes Dexter showed up? And why was O'Brien still marked for death even after he had left the Cornhusker State for far-off Wyoming?

Mean as Hell by Ben Bridges

Eagle Creek was a nice, quiet little town ... until the day the marshal lost his nerve. Then the gun-toughs and bully-boys moved in and suddenly the county was torn apart by murder, rustling ... and the lynching of an innocent man. Folks said the Ginnanes -- Big Vince and his five sons -- were behind it all. They were bad men to cross, each one as tough as tacks and mean as hell. They'd fled Australia's Northern Territory one step ahead of the law, and now they planned to take over Eagle Creek. Worse still, they didn't care how rough they had to play to do it. But that didn't matter a damn, for they were just about to meet their match in a blue-eyed soldier-for-hire by the name of Carter O'Brien.

Mexico Breakout by Ben Bridges

With the promise of $10,000 still ringing in his ears, professional fighting man Carter O'Brien rode south to free Aaron Norris, a big-shot politician who'd been framed for murder. But it wasn't going to be easy. Norris was being held in a prison nearly two hundred miles from home, and it was a veritable fortress that had been built right on the doorstep of a garrison full of Mexican soldiers. As if that wasn't bad enough, there were others who'd set their sights on the reward -- two get-rich-quick Americans named Pope and Trace, and a half-Cheyenne Dog Soldier called Sundown. As they all came together, the dry Mexican air was shattered by the roar of dynamite and the higher, deadly whine of bullets ...

Montana Gunsmoke by Ben Bridges and Link Hullar Montana Gunsmoke Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

A desperate telegram from young Lane Jenkins brought Flint McKay north to Montana, where Randolph Billington was using every dirty trick in the book to take over the territory. But what could Flint do about it? He was just an ageing drifter with failing eyesight. He had no home and no kin, just a horse, a saddle and a pistol he'd won in a bunkhouse poker game. To Lane, though, Flint was the only man who could stand up to the buzzards who'd killed his father. As soon as Flint started making his presence felt around town, Billington sent his hired gun, Owen Thorpe, to get rid of him. But Flint was a whole heap tougher than he looked -- and as the land-grabbers soon learned to their cost, he proved to be a hard man to kill.

The Mistress of Rosehaven by Rosemary Sansum The Mistress of Rosehaven Audio Edition

Left widowed and in debt, Rosemary Shaw had no choice but to accept an invitation from an uncle she had never met to go and live at his Rhode Island mansion, Rosehaven. But from the minute she arrived, she found her life in danger. Only a chance meeting with the mysterious Will Hennessey offered any consolation. But even as they fell in love, the threats to Rosemary became ever more dangerous. Someone was prepared to go to any lengths to stop her from becoming the new mistress of Rosehaven. But who -- and why?

North of the Border by Ben Bridges

For months now it had been Roddy Bruce-Morgan's dream to ride north of the border and make his fortune up in the uncharted wilderness men called Alaska. But unlike the prospectors already flooding into the so-called 'Great Land', the young Scotsman had no intention of panning for gold. "Oh no," he told professional fighting man Carter O'Brien the day he hired him. "Quite the contrary. I plan to take a commodity far more valuable than that into Alaska, and once there, to sell it for top dollar." But what kind of commodity could be more valuable than gold? And why did Bruce-Morgan need O'Brien to bodyguard him on the thousand-mile trek? As one bloody confrontation with Bruce-Morgan's enemies followed another, O'Brien began to get his answers. But by then it was too late to turn back ...

The Oklahombres by Steve Hayes and Ben Bridges The Oklahombres Audio Edition by Steve Hayes and Ben Bridges

It didn't matter a damn that Bill Doolin had never killed another man, that he was a loving husband and a devoted father with a young son. No -- Bill became a target for every Deputy U.S. Marshal in Oklahoma Territory because the people hailed him as "The King of the Outlaws." That alone meant he had to die -- so his fate would set an example to anyone who thought of following his in his footsteps. While Bill and his gang, the Oklahombres, raised hell throughout the Twin Territories of Oklahoma and the Indian Nations, U.S. Marshal E. D. Nix sent three hundred of his best men out with orders to catch or kill them. And that army of badge-packers were led by Nix's 'Three Guardsmen' -- the living legends that were Bill Tilghman, Heck Thomas and Chris Madsen. But that was the thing about the Oklahombres -- they were going to be living legends too ... or die trying!

Patterns in the Snow by Janet Whitehead

Peter Clark had taken Nicci's heart and broken it in the cruelest way imaginable. So when Nicci and her best friend Karen treated themselves to a skiing holiday in Switzerland it should have been a happy interlude. However, it soon turned into a catalogue of disasters for Nicci. Time and again she crossed swords with sour-tempered Andrew Thornton, never once dreaming that he would eventually turn out to be the best medicine she could hope to have.

The Plainsman by Steve Hayes and Ben Bridges Rattler Creek Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

After he saw his father set upon and stabbed, nothing was ever the same for the boy who would grow up to become Buffalo Bill Cody. The hatred and bigotry his family suffered in Kansas led him to kill his first man when he was just ten years old. And in the years that followed, he would face one battle after another -- against marauding Cheyenne, against the elements and against the Great Plains themselves. But there was no quit in Will Cody. He was, as his friend Wild Bill Hickok had said, "all spit and grit." He'd need grit, too, to survive the Pony Express, the Civil War and merciless guerrilla fighters like William Clarke Quantrill and the James Boys. For Will Cody, however, the greatest challenge of his life was still to come. And even he didn't think he could survive it.

Princess in Peril by Janet Whitehead Princess in Peril Audio Edition by Janet Whitehead

Agency nurse Lynn Crane was delighted when she found employment at an isolated manor house in the Yorkshire countryside, but she quickly realized that all was not as it seemed. As she nursed her VIP patient, Serge Varda, Prince of Estavia, through a mysterious illness, an alarming truth began to emerge. Her employers, Max Ozerov and the sinister Dr Miros, were planning to wrest control of the country from him. All at once the young couple found themselves fleeing for their very lives. With no one to turn to for help, they had to find a way to outwit the conspirators themselves. And if they survived, would the handsome Prince of Estavia take Lynn for his Princess?

Rattler Creek by Ben Bridges Rattler Creek Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

For more than ten years Jim Allison packed a marshal's badge in the violent Indian Nations. When he finally quit, it was to move to New Mexico and get into the cattle business. For a time life was hard but good. But then a vicious killer came along and shattered his peaceful existence. Turning man-hunter again, Jim embarked upon an epic search for the sidewinder who committed the ultimate crime against him. But there was a problem -- a whole pack of outlaws still remembered the big ex-lawman from his glory days. Could Jim outwit those enemies and still win his war?

Ride for the Rio! by Ben Bridges Ride for the Rio Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Will Hooper was a sodbuster. Lee Early was a cowboy. They'd spent their entire lives on different sides of the fence. But then something terrible happened to make each man look beyond his own petty hatreds ... like the outrage that occurred one stormy night at Will's farm. So, when the sodbuster crossed the Rio Grande to settle a score with a dirty little Mexican with murder on his mind, the cowboy was right beside him. But finding the man they were after and settling the score was only the start of their troubles. The question then became ... would they ever make it back home alive?

Ride the High Lines by Ben Bridges Ride the High Lines Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Ash Colter's speed with a gun had turned him into the man they called 'The Gunsmoke Legend'. But it was a reputation he didn't want. So he put his gun away and rode south, figuring to buy some land and raise horses. To do that he needed money, and to earn that money he agreed to undertake one last, dangerous assignment -- to track down the notorious outlaw John Kidd. Backed by an oddly-assorted posse, Colter was soon riding the high lines in his pursuit of the outlaw and his gang. One bloody confrontation piled atop another. But in the end, Colter had to face the unsettling fact that he had more in common with Kidd than he might otherwise have guessed.

Riding for Justice by Ben Bridges Riding for Justice Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

King Creek was a rough-and-ready mining town set right in the heart of the Nevada goldfields. There was no law to speak of except Stover's Law -- and it was ruthlessly enforced by one greedy woman, her three callous sons and a dozen hired gunmen. The situation was quickly going from bad to worse. A failed assassination attempt had left the only man capable of defying the freebooters crippled for life, and his wife was at her wits' end. The Stovers were systematically fleecing the townsfolk of everything they had. Anyone who stood in their way was either bought off ... or killed off. In desperation, she finally turned to Sam Judge, an old friend, for help. But it was a tall order even for that legendary town-tamer.

Scare Tactics by David Whitehead Scare Tactics Audio Edition by David Whitehead

Ever fancied taking a trip through the twilight world of the supernatural? Here's your chance to explore a terrifying universe where men fall in love with monsters, a trouble child's nightmares prove to be all too real, a house attracts evil much as a sponge attracts water and Lovecraftian demons from a time before history make Satanic pacts in order to return from the past ... Be warned, though. This journey is NOT for the faint-hearted. And along the way there'll be no shortage of SCARE TACTICS! Stories include: Empty-Handed, Once Bitten, Beware of the House, Shadow of Doubt, Loathe Story, The Thirteenth Dream and Fever Pitch.

Shadow Flats by Brent Towns Shadows Flats Audio Edition by Brent Towns

They hit the Stone Springs bank and took with them a hundred thousand dollars in cold, hard cash. Behind them they left a town in ruins and enough bodies to start a whole new cemetery. Mild-mannered rancher Ethan Haywood was in town for a wedding -- though he himself had had enough of marriage to last him a lifetime. But when the outlaws shot his little girl in the getaway, something in him snapped. Once upon a time he'd been a Confederate sharpshooter with more than a hundred kills to his name. But after the war he'd sworn never to kill again. Seeing what the outlaws had done to young Emmy, though ... well, killing them was going to be a pleasure. But no one gave thought to Shadow Flats itself. It was an arid wasteland the outlaws had to cross if they wanted to reach Mexico. And the desert itself had other ideas where they were concerned ...

Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein by David Whitehead Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein Audio Edition by David Whitehead

Only the most intriguing mystery could lure Sherlock Holmes from the comfort of Baker Street in the winter of 1898 ... and it came with the ghastly murder of a gravedigger in the most bizarre of circumstances. Thus it was that Holmes and Watson traveled to the tiny German village of Darmstadt to unmask a callous killer with an even more terrifying motive ... and all within the long, ominous shadow of Castle Frankenstein ...

Shoot to Kill by Ben Bridges Shoot to Kill Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

The Texas Rangers sent Carter O'Brien south of the border with orders to kill a madman. It was said that his target -- a murderous bandit named Salazar -- had the face of an angel and the heart of a demon. Certainly, judging by all he'd heard, O'Brien sure figured he needed killing. Given the choice, though, he'd sooner have faced Salazar in a head-on gunfight than turn back-shooter and kill him from hiding. But the only trouble with that idea lay with Salazar's eight-strong gang of cut-throats, for it was common knowledge that if you took on one of them, you took on the lot -- and even a professional fighting man like O'Brien had to draw the line somewhere ...

The Spurlock Gun by Ben Bridges The Spurlock Gun Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

They said that Chase Donovan had been a Texas Ranger for too long, that he'd become a law unto himself and that they weren't prepared to put up with his maverick, gun-fast ways any longer. So they took away his badge and kicked him out of the battalion and, almost before he knew it, he'd turned into a full-time drunk. Then a wealthy business man offered to bankroll his very own fight against the lawless. There was only one catch. Chase had to mend his wicked ways and go back to being the kind of lawman he used to be. He agreed to give it a go -- and wound up trading lead with the bully-boys of North Town, Texas, where bullets were cheap, but life was even cheaper...

Squaw Man by Ben Bridges

Coyote was a renegade Apache who'd been spilling blood along the border for months. But now he'd had enough of killing and was ready to disappear up into the mountains -- provided the army agreed to deliver his wife safely to him inside two weeks. If anything happened to that squaw before she was reunited with her man, all hell would break loose; Coyote personally guaranteed it. So the army called in professional fighting man Carter O'Brien. His mission, to make sure she reached Canon Calavera in one piece. O'Brien was no stranger to trouble. He'd been forced to kill three men even before he received his orders. But this was a tough job, even by his standards. The way ahead was paved with problems -- from pitiless sandstorms and deadly ambushes to gold-hungry gunrunners and an Indian-hating sheriff. O'Brien was a tough man -- maybe the toughest. The only question was ... was he tough enough?

Starpacker by Ben Bridges Starpacker Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Hunter took his Colt from leather and checked it over one last time. He should have guessed his vengeance-quest would end in gunplay. Guns had played such a large part in it already; why shouldn't they have the last word? He stepped outside. The street was deserted save for the man who'd called him out, who stood twenty yards away -- the most dangerous gunfighter in the whole south-west. Hunter saw faces watching him through dusty windows, and wondered whose side they were on. Did they care whether he survived this fight or died in the dust? He stepped down into the street. This was it: the moment when you no longer drew up your gun just to blast the tips off Apache plumes or shatter empty bottles -- but quite simply, to kill ...

Storm in the Saddle by Ben Bridges Storm in the Saddle Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

It's the scorching summer of 1878, and a bitter range war is threatening to blow Montana Territory sky-high ... On one side there's the all-powerful Stock Grower's Association and its fifty-strong army of hired guns. On the other there's just a handful of families who'll fight to the death to keep the land they've settled on. Trouble is, the Association is slowly but surely winning the struggle. When they're not stealing the settlers' stock, they're burning them out and shooting them down, and there's not one damn thing the victims can do about it. Until, that is, Ash Colter happens along. And when he buys into it, the odds change overnight. Colter really is the fastest gunfighter in the west, and as the Association soon learns to its cost, you don't mess with the man they call the Gunsmoke Legend.

Tanner's Guns by Ben Bridges Tanner's Guns Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

By 1913, Mexico was being torn apart by revolution. But the rebels needed guns before they could march on Mexico City and oust the corrupt General Huerta. Shady businessman Elliott Blaze had an entire arsenal for sale. All he needed was someone to deliver the goods -- and that's where Jake Tanner came into it. Jake was trustworthy, he spoke Spanish and he knew how to get a tough job done. In next to no time, however, he and his young British partner in crime -- a would-be Hollywood movie writer -- were playing cat-and-mouse with the armies of two countries, trying to get even with the men who double-crossed them and, in a final terrifying showdown, pitting their wits against the Mexican Army's latest secret weapon!

Three Ride Again by Steve Hayes and Ben Bridges Three Ride Again Edition by Steve Hayes and Ben Bridges

Surveyors working for the Truman Copper Consortium had found what promised to be the biggest copper strike in history. There was just one problem. That vast fortune in red metal sat smack in the middle of land considered sacred to the Apaches. When the surveyors were attacked and slaughtered, it looked as if a full-scale Indian war was about to explode. And when they discovered that the hot-headed Bedonkohe Apache, Geronimo, was involved in the events of that bloody night, his two blood-brothers, rancher Jesse Glover and the towering Zulu warrior called Sam, rode up into the Dragoons to ask him just what in hell he thought he was doing. But when they started looking a little deeper into what had happened, they started to realize that all was not as it seemed. Other forces were at work in the wilds of the Arizona Territory, in the shape of a mystery man known as Tchin'dih ... The Ghost. Meanwhile, back at Fort Bowie, one of the key players in the game was murdered. For the locals, that was the last straw, and the mood turned downright ugly. If they were to stop the coming war and discover the identity of the mystery killer, the three blood brothers would have to forget their differences -- and once again ride shoulder to shoulder.

Three Rode Together by Steve Hayes and Ben Bridges Three Rode Together Audio Edition by Steve Hayes and Ben Bridges

Jesse Glover was minding his own business when Ulysses S. Grant summoned him to Washington and asked him to quit the life of a cowboy and go keep Arizona safe from the likes of Cochise and Geronimo. So Jesse saddled up and headed for Fort Bowie, and its Indian-hating commanding officer, Major Nicholas Calloway. Along the way he saved a beautiful White Mountain Apache girl named Morning Star from a monstrous fate. And when he tangled with a ruthless gang who was determined to start a whole new Indian uprising, he found help in the shape of two unlikely allies -- a Zulu warrior named Sam, and a Chiricahua Apache named Goyahkla, who was better known as Geronimo.

Thunder Gorge by Ben Bridges Thunder Gorge Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

To the south, Mexico was being torn apart by a revolution, but marshal-turned-rancher Jim Allison didn't give a damn about that ... until the rebels crossed over onto American soil one night and made it personal. Next morning, Jim saddled up and rode towards the border, hell-bent on getting revenge on the men who'd shot his friend, and stopping the leader of the revolution from laying his hands on ten priceless white stallions. On the face of it, Jim's mission looked simple, but he hadn't counted on having a pair of greenhorns along to slow him down, or having one of his own party threatening to shoot him. Could he stay one step ahead of the rebels in a desert wilderness that was all but impassable? And could he stay alive long enough to reach the final showdown at a place called Thunder Gorge??

The Trail to Death Mountain by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

Four men went up into the mountains in search of a lost mine. Only one came back -- driven out of his mind with fear. Their employer, old Colonel Fogarty, was determined to discover exactly what had happened to them, but no one was willing to go and find out -- except Rachel, the colonel's daughter. Then Rachel was joined by the colonel's mean-tempered surveyor, Harvey Wheeler, and two local low-lives with larcenous plans of their own. Finally there was Jason Hart, the enigmatic stranger who claimed that his job was all about "chasing shadows." Who was he, really? Where did he come from? And what did he intend to do when the mountain's dark secrets were finally unlocked?

To the Death! by Brent Towns To the Death! Audio Edition

They fought like demons in a Mimbreno stronghold ... Captain Nathan Kelso was on the brink of drunken oblivion. He'd lost the respect of his commanding officer, and Company 'C' had been unofficially disbanded. Now, with both bronco and Mimbreno Apaches raising hell throughout the territory, Company 'C' is finally called back into action -- as an escort detail under the command of Major Matthew Hackett. But things go wrong from the get-go. A patrol under a green lieutenant is all but wiped out, and an incident involving two rabid coyotes sees Hackett badly injured. At least now, Kelso is back where he belongs -- in command of the best damn' company the cavalry has to offer. When things go from bad to worse, however, Kelso has to lead his men into the Santa Rita Mountains on a do-or-die mission to save five female prisoners of the Apaches. It's a trail that will see Kelso and Company 'C' fighting -- to the death!

Trial by Fire by Ben Bridges Trial by Fire Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

It was probably going to be the last great wagon train ever to go up the Oregon Trail ... but right now the settlers were stranded in the middle of nowhere and they needed someone to get them safely through to the Promised Land. Sam Judge, the legendary town-tamer, had captained a few trains in his day, but he had no particular hankering to relive those wild times all over again. Those settlers still had hundreds of miles to go before they reached their destination, and the way ahead was filled with all kinds of danger. But fate had other ideas for Sam, and when they finally reached trail's end, he and his gun-fast young partner, Matt Dury, found themselves under sentence of death ... and about to face a trial by fire!

The Wilde Boys by Ben Bridges The Wilde Boys Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Right across the West, lawmen were losing their fight against crime. Something had to be done fast. But what? It was a retired judge named Wilde who came up with the answer -- to pit one outlaw against another. From that point on, his 'law-enforcers' became six of the meanest misfits ever to see the inside of a jail-cell; a murderous albino, a black gunfighter, an Apache half-breed, a one-time Pinkerton detective, a Missouri-born conman and a giant whose hands were deadlier than a Gatling gun. Together they formed a tough-as-knuckles bunch. Those not destined to hang faced life imprisonment. But by becoming the judge's 'Wilde Boys' they stood to regain freedom and respect -- providing they could survive their first mission, of course; to bring down a kill-crazy tyrant known only in whispers as the Black Wolf ...

Wilde Fire by Ben Bridges Wilde Fire Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

All Kate Whitney had to do to put Senator George Copperday away for life was take the witness stand and tell the court everything she knew. But if something happened to prevent her from giving evidence -- like a well-aimed bullet for example -- Copperday would go free. The beautiful target desperately needed protection, and it came in the form of Judge Wilde's secret army of crime-busters, 'The Wilde Boys', six of the toughest -- and most unlikely -- law-enforcers ever to slap leather. But what should have been a routine mission turned into something far more deadly when Copperday hired a pack of vicious killers. Soon the Wilde boys were pitting both wits and weapons against the would-be assassins in a last-ditch attempt to keep Kate alive. But in the final bloody showdown, who would live and who would die?

Wilde's Law by Ben Bridges Wilde's Law Audio Edition by Ben Bridges

Mob rule had taken over the border town of Whetstone, New Mexico. Black-hooded vigilantes were stringing up those they considered to be 'undesirables' for even the pettiest of crimes. Someone somewhere had to bring peace back to the beleaguered town -- but who in hell was it going to be? Flushed with the success of their first two missions, the Wilde Boys -- six of the toughest trouble-busters ever to fight for law and order -- were the obvious choice. But being more interested in budgets than body-counts, their employers, the Government, had other ideas. So Judge Wilde decided to go it alone and send his reluctant heroes into battle without official approval. Their orders were to beat the vigilantes at their own game and bring peace back to Whetstone. In other words, replace lynch-law ... with Wilde's Law!

Winterhaven by Janet Whitehead

Annabel Tyler's boss sent her to the Scottish Highlands to save Winterhaven, the sprawling estate of an old and valued client. But everywhere she turned, Annabel found a new mystery to unravel. Who was David O'Neal, the handsome, predatory stranger who seemed to know so much about her? What was the dark secret of Winterhaven's deep loch? Was the estate and its inhabitants really cursed, as the locals believed? Then Annie met and fell in love with the new master of Winterhaven ... and things took an even more dramatic turn!

Women Kill Me by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead Women Kill Me Audio Edition by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

In Washington, a high-ranking politician is murdered. In central Africa, a new and seemingly unstoppable virus starts killing its male victims by the thousands. And on the internet, a group known as The Utopians grows more powerful by the day. What's the connection between them -- if any? At first, homicide detective Ben Hicks couldn't care less. He's got problems of his own, which involve a nightmare from the past and an addiction to the bottle. But Pentagon cryptologist Hunter McCormack's got problems, too. The killers know she witnessed the murder of the politician and are out to silence her as well. The trouble is, no one believes she saw the killing to begin with. Except Ben ...

Yesterday's Child by Janet Whitehead

For ten long years Laura cared for her sick mother. She knew no other way of life. But then her mother died, and suddenly she was all alone in the world. Now in her mid-twenties, she began to realise exactly what she had missed out on during those all-important formative years. But instead of giving in to despair, she was determined to make up for lost time. Despite everything that went against her, she remained optimistic. A career would be hers, as would friends, a social life ... and love. Yesterday's Child was going to become Today's Woman. But the journey would not be without its pitfalls ...

Yours for Eternity by Janet Whitehead

Danielle McMasters was haunted by the memory of the man she had loved and lost in a fatal car crash six years earlier. Ben was dead. So who, then, was the man watching her from across the room? His likeness was uncanny. It had to be Ben ... hadn't it? But how could he have returned from the grave -- and why was someone following her every move. The past was haunting her present ... but how would it affect her future?